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The Religious Short Film Prize

"Film and religion belong together. Film knows the depth of human searching. Its best subjects take us into meaning and truth and the melancholy ambiguities of this life. Dig deep into human experience you will find hope, sorrow, faith and the numinous. We are looking for films which explore this territory.‬

‪Film-makers are invited from all religions or no religions. Buddhists, Mormons, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Christadelphians, Jews, Scientologists, Jedi's... all welcome.‬‬‬

There are many religious communities in Australia looking for inspiration.‬‬

‪The prize is $5,000‬‬‬. ‪The winner and runners-up will be archived on this site."

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David Millikan. Photo: Dean Sewell/Fairfax Syndication

Meet David Millikan

David has been making films for thirty years. His first role in TV was as presenter of the highly successful ABC series, The Sunburnt Soul. He was Head of Religious Broadcasting at the ABC for seven years and has presented, and produced, programs for Four Corners, Sixty Minutes and more recently for Sunday Night on Channel 7. His most recent special can be seen here.

David is a Uniting Church minister, author of several books and many articles dealing with religion and New Religious Movements and Cults. At the moment he is working on an adaptation of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment set in Newtown, Sydney.

David was the Founding Director of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture which is sponsoring the Religious Short Film Prize.

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