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Leviathan vs Jurassic World

By David Millikan I have seen both Leviathan and Jurassic World in the past few weeks. Leviathan has taken up residence in my head. Somewhere in there it demands attention. It is not asking me to remember its images and sounds. The greatness of Leviathan lies in what it is saying. It has that magic mixture or double genius of high art which […]

Favourite Religious Films

By Susan Murphy For me, religious films are films that genuinely touch the great issues – love, forgiveness, morality, justice, humility, compassion, realisation – that the great religions claim as their great concern, but without necessarily having any direct religious reference. Andrei Rublev Using Russia’s greatest icon painter, Andre Rublev as a character and pretext, […]

Films and the soul

By David Millikan What is it that makes human beings different from animals? Are we simply smarter, or more adaptable or do we have some quality which fundamentally sets us apart? This question has exercised the minds of countless thinkers inside and outside theological halls. In Christianity, the early theological ‘heavy weights’ came up with […]