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Frequently Asked Questions

Do films have to be about a mainstream religion?
No. There are many religions and your film may use any religion as its subject. Indeed the film may refer to an imaginary religion.
How broad is the definition of “religious” in the context of this Prize?
Finding a broad definition of religion is very difficult. Not all religions have a God, not all religions conduct worship. If you believe your film takes us to that deeper level of the human quest it is likely to be about religion. Jean Calvin talked about the sensis divinitatis (Sense of the Divine) as present in all people. That is the beginning of religion.
Can the film be critical of religion?
Yes. People are at their best and at their worst in religion. For this reason we expect there will be films which honour and extol religious faith and there will be films which are angry or distressed at the pain religions have caused.
Is this a “Christian” film prize?
The Prize is not biased toward Christianity or any other religion. The Prize is promoted by the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture which is a leader in ecumenical initiatives and is part of their Arts, Sciences & Culture program which recognises the importance of creativity and imagination in human life and society. Over the years the Centre has promoted these themes through music, religious poetry, drama and liturgical experimentation.
If I am an atheist or a wican can I submit a film?
The faith of the film-maker will not be considered when judging the Prize. Some of the greatest religious art and music has been made by people who are not believers.
Can the film be a promotion of a religion?
The Prize should not be used as a means for propaganda. At the same time, some promotional films can be extraordinary.
Can I make fun of religion?
If you have a serious purpose, your film is well crafted and within the bounds of acceptable taste and not offensively blasphemous, then go ahead.
Does the film have to be eight minutes?
The film can be any length but not longer than eight minutes. Films which exceed eight minutes will not be judged.
What genre does the film have to be?
The Prize wishes to embrace all styles of films: scripted, documentary, animation or talking heads.
Will the film be returned to me?
No. You will need to keep a copy of your film.
What file formats will be accepted?
We accept the following formats: avi, mpeg, mov, mpg, wav, wma and mp4

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